We believe that early learning sets the foundation for lifelong leaning, behaviour and health. We offer an inclusive, play based curriculum based on the continuum of development. We recognize that children learn most effectively in an atmosphere of discovery and through a variety of child directed play experiences We believe that positive child -adult interactions are a key component in the learning process.


Funkey Kids Physical Fitness Program

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Full Time Preschool:

Focusing on developing children’s fundamental movement skills, Funkey Kids works on the long-term, physical, cognitive, and social development of children. Funkey Kids strives to develop confidence and a positive self-image in a fun and challenging environment. Using our specialized equipment and positive reinforcement Funkey Kids helps kids develop good habits in the area of physical activity and healthy living. Children leave Funkey Kids feeling happy, confident and energized!


Experts agree that physical literacy is just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

At Funkey Kids, your child will get the right start! Physical literacy comes from developing a wide variety of fundamental movement skills such as hopping, skipping, throwing, catching, and jumping. Kids have a lot more fun being active when they are physically literate.

Physically active kids get higher grades in school, have better social skills, and are happier and more confident. As a parent, give your child the right start in sport, school, and life. Enroll them in programs that develop physical literacy, and get them started with activities at home.

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“Each child is made to feel unique. A place where kids can learn and grow among friends and where differences are celebrated”