Early Learning Framework


The Continuum of Development

Our Early Learning Framework is based on The Continuum of Development. The Continuum of Development outlines the sequence of skills that children can be expected to acquire as they develop. It covers a broad range of developmental domains (physical, social, emotional, communication/language and cognitive). It is a base for observation and discussion of children’s growth and learning.

The Continuum of Development is not a tool to assess children’s progress against a set of benchmarks or outcomes. It is also not a screening tool to identify developmental difficulties.

The Continuum of Development describes the progression of development for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. There is overlap in the age ranges, reflecting that the sequence of developmental skills will be achieved within a broad range of time. The continuum is made up of root skills and their indicators organized into developmental domains. Interactions describe experiences that support children’s development.

To view the complete Continuum of Development, see Early Learning For Every Child Today: A framework for Ontario early childhood settings (PDF 2MB).

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