Play-Based Learning

Student with special needs


It has long been known that there is a strong link between play and learning. Children are full of natural curiosity and they explore this curiosity through play. When kids are playing, it’s the perfect time to learn.

Play teaches kids how to problem solve, how to make friends, how to express themselves, how to enjoy the world around them, and how to recognize letters and numbers. All of these skills form the foundation of a love of learning.

In the full-day kindergarten program, teachers and early childhood educators structure play to create learning moments. While children play, they’ll chat with their friends, and figure out how to stop their block tower from falling. They’ll draw pictures and role play. And they’ll tell stories, and sit quietly to listen to others. All of these activities help kids develop, learn, and eventually acquire the skills that they will need in grade one and beyond.

“For the past 10 years, my children have attended Sunshine. I continue to be impressed with it’s warm, caring atmosphere, the quality of the programs and the expertise of the staff”